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Welcome to iEducational Toys where you will find various educational toys for your kids! We offer a wide selection of learning toys for toddlers and children of any ages. The great variety of our store will definitely help your kids love to learn more. You will find various educational toys from musical toys to science discovery and for special kids too.

The first three years of life is the most important period for a baby’s brain development.

Believe it or not, the toys we choose for our kids do make a difference in their development of life. It is vital to provide kids with learning or educational toys which help them to play and also learn. In order to develop different parts of the brain, it is important to try different set of toys for the kids.

Specific toys such as educational toys, instructional toys, or learning toys give benefits to the brain. The beautiful thing about educational toys is that kids do not think them as burdens and magically, they learn something too along the process.

With that in mind, research has been done to select the best educational toys for kids of all ages. Before we dive into our collections, let’s read some scientific benefits of educational toys:

  • Creativity and Innovation. Children will develop reasoning, perception, and intuition when playing with educational toys and games.
  • Motor Skills. Educational toys help kids to develop motor skill along with cognitive skills.
  • Soft Skills. Social interaction will be developed in kids playing educational toys not just in language skills but also emotional development such as accepting loss at game.
  • Thinking Skills. Educational toys aid kids in thinking and making decision wisely. Some examples are board games and counting (numbers) game.

We always offer the best quality toys with affordable price, regular sales and promotions.

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